When you’re not talking to bae but he wants a selfie

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AAu Summer 2014 Collection

Now Available For Sale

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Kids are the most important people because they can dream of things that never were. _____________________________________ #creative #love #innocent #Africa #Power


Kids are the most important people because they can dream of things that never were.
#creative #love #innocent #Africa #Power

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Haitian blogger Paola Mathe -


Haitian blogger Paola Mathe -

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one thing i know

for certain

is that once you

find your voice

in this world

and you will

you will know

what you want

to do with it.

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Weddings in the work


My elder female cousins are getting their rocks and they all seem to be flowing in all at once this is the 3rd one this month black love is real, strong, beautiful and in full effect.

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Destiny  Owusu ( chase models management )


Destiny  Owusu ( chase models management )

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Chewi, Pasadena, CA
Photographer: LRP


Chewi, Pasadena, CA

Photographer: LRP

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How about some love for a good police officer?

Officer Gaetano Acerra

Responded to a call where a 13 year old boy didnt want to live in his home anymore. He found out that the family couldnt afford a bed or much else for the teen.

So he bought him one. A big queen sized one.

He also bought him a Tv and someone donated a Wii, so now they play whenever Officer Gaetano Acerra has a chance

He also plans to get him a dresser, mirror, and a hamper. Among other things he needs but cannot afford.

People. They’re not ALWAYS a bunch of bastards.

The corruption needs to go.
This guy can stay.

I find posts like this to be so disturbing. There will always be that ONE example that any damn person can find to say “not all cops” “not all white people,” etc. And when you spread stories like this you are completely missing the point. This just completely obfuscates the point that the systems we are talking about here are rotten to their core and that the police as an institution need to go and be replaced from the ground up. There is no such thing as “reforming” an institution like the police that was literally founded as white slave patrols to control black movement and capture runaway slaves. There is no such thing as “reforming” an institution that brutalizes black bodies and lives with impunity and has for decades and centuries. And this will continue to happen even if you “diversify” the forces to throw some token black and brown faces into the mix. This will continue happen even if you all continue to bend over backwards to find THAT ONE GOOD COP so that we don’t ever actually confront the ugly truth that the institution he is a part of is antiblack and rotten at its core and will never support black lives. It’s so telling that people gobble up stories like this because people in this country are so incredibly dishonest and will find any way to deflect conversations which center the humanity of black people. They don’t want to have frank discussions about institutional power and police brutality as it’s leveled against us. No, they instead want to talk about and try to defend “the good cops” even as black people are literally getting killed, harassed and maimed daily by the police as an institution. These people are so incredibly morally bankrupt.

The corruption will not go as long as the police exist. This white man you are all lauding as a hero needs to go as well as the entire corrupted institution he is a part of. The police cannot be “reformed” as that will never ultimately protect and save us from an institution literally founded around the brutalization of black lives and bodies in this country. I don’t care that this guy is “nice” and did an individual act of kindness when the institution he is a part of has proven itself again and again for decades to actively work to undermine and destroy black lives in this country. The only thing that will work is tearing this institution down and  rebuilding it from the ground up with a totally new value system which actually values the sanctity and humanity of black life.  And in this process, your token examples of “good cops” which you all love to use to deflect from these larger conversations about the white supremacy and patriarchal violence at the center of our police, they need to go as well, because that is what it takes for us to destroy and recreate these totally corrupted, virulently antiblack institutions. 

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I can’t believe I’ve been single for 4 years now. I used to be so depressed about it & always just so unhappy. I’ve dated from then to now & haven’t been successful , but I gained a lot of strength , knowledge & experiences that has prepared me to be the woman I need to be , for the man God is…

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